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Should Sociologists be Value-Free or Activists? How much should a sociologist get involved in the subject under investigation? Some, like Max Weber, argue that, in order to truly understand a social phenomenon, the researcher should be value-free or neutral. Personal values should have no influence on research . The proponents of this view argue that once a researcher becomes personally involved he or she loses their perspective. They become biased. Those biases influence their study of society. Others would argue that it is useless to study something like social problems unless one intends to fix those problems. The point, according to Marx, is to change things. The goals of the sociologist should be to empower people so that they can change their lives. Which point of view is correct? Currently, this issued remains unresolved. The Debate between C. Wright Mills and Talcott Parsons. Henslin (2004:1) offers a synopsis of this debate.
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