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Social Networks The government does not conspire to control all wealth. The rich act in their common interests by simply knowing each other and by sharing a common agenda. Legitimacy Many see the inequitable distribution of wealth at the natural outcome of hard work, perseverance, and a little luck. Even the poor see the current distribution of wealth as legitimate (See Weber, 1968). The masses view the given political economy as valid and justified. Ideology An ideology is a set of beliefs which explain or justifies some actual or potential social arrangement (See Robertson, 1989:176). An ideology is a belief structure that confers legitimacy on a social system . Example: A system of beliefs that justifies a social arrangement like slavery is an ideology (Henslin, 2004, 168). False Consciousness Robertson's (1989:176) definition is "a subjective understanding that does not correspond with the objective facts of one's situation.
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Unformatted text preview: " Karl Marx would argue that workers experience false consciousness when they mistakenly identify with the capitalists. The worker might believe that if he only works hard enough, he might secure a better position in society. The worker might blame poverty on laziness or lack if education. They may also hold minor positions in society, but still feel like they have "made it." For example, a worker who has a small savings account and who owns a few shares of stock might tend to think of themselves as an investor rather than as a worker. Marx argues that the poor do not realize that their miseries are a shared phenomenon that results from their oppressed status. Instead of blaming the system they blame their circumstances on fate, an act of god, luck, or other factors beyond their control. Henslin (2004:172) suggests that workers experience false consciousness when they identify with capitalists....
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