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Social Problems The Sex Industry Prostitution is the sale of sexual services (of oneself or another) for money or goods and without emotional attachment. More broadly defined, prostitution refers to any industry in which one’s body is bought, sold, or traded for sexual use and abuse. According to this definition, systems of prostitution include pornography, live sex shows, peep shows, international sex slavery, and prostitution as narrowly defined. • The vast majority of prostitutes around the globe are women and children. A certain amount of male prostitution does exist, although most boys and men in the sex industry engage in sexual encounters with other
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Unformatted text preview: men. Not all prostitutes are alikelife experiences, family backgrounds, years of formal education, locales of operation, types of customers, and methods of doing business vary widely. Nevertheless, sociologists have identified five levels or tiers of prostitution: 1) Escorts or call girls/call boys are considered the upper echelon in prostitution because they tend to earn higher fees and have more selectivity in their working conditions and customers than do other prostitutes. They typically have more years of formal education, they tend to dress conservatively, and most of them do not think of themselves as prostitutes....
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