Social Status and Health

Social Status and Health - • Private Insurance In 1999...

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Social Status and Health • Infant mortality rates are twice as high for disadvantaged groups - The poorest in America can die from diseases that strike children in countries like the Sudan and Lebanon • African Americans are three times more likely to be poor compared to whites - The poor suffer more disease, missed work, and the effects from addictive behaviors • Whites can expect to live longer and be in better health • Poverty also breeds stress and violence - In 1994, 5,164 African American males died due to black on black homicide. Medicine in the United States • Direct Fee System - The patient pays directly for services provided by the doctor
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Unformatted text preview: • Private Insurance- In 1999, fewer than half (43 percent) of Americans have health insurance paid for by a private employer • Public Insurance Programs- Medicare is available to people 65 years and older, younger people who are receiving Social Security disability benefits, and persons who need dialysis or kidney transplants- Medicaid , which provides health care coverage for the poor, is administered by the states with matching funds from the federal government- In total, 35% of Americans receive medical attention via some form of government program, including some with private care insurance...
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