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Socialization Chapter 4 - Socialization Children learn the...

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Socialization Chapter 4 Introduction n Since September 11,2001 Americans have seen the Middle East Conflict as an Palestinian-Israeli issue n Now people in the U.S. see the conflict of American superiority as one that involves many issues n This conflict is one of 50 going on world wide Introduction n Conflicts are handed from one generation to another n Socialization concepts can be used to see how these conflicts are “passed down” n Peace is never easy to achieve because of this history of conflict
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Unformatted text preview: Socialization Children learn the “rules of life” starting at about 2 years old Children learn how to think about objects and people Children go to adults to seek answers to things in life They learn to talk and reason in the world they live Introduction n Israel, the West Bank and Gaza n 1998-Israel celebrated 50 years as a nation n Palestinians called it a day of mourning n Century long conflict between Jews/Palestinians n Socialization explains how this conflict is “passed on”...
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