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Statistical Control vs - United States The answer is that...

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Statistical Control vs. Control Groups In a sociological sense, control means that you neutralize all social characteristics (variables) except that which is under consideration . This is different from a control group. A control group is something associated with an experiment. If one is testing, say a new drug, one would get two similar populations. The new drug would be given to one group (an experimental group) and withheld from the other group (a control group) . Any difference between the experimental group and the control group is probably due to the intervention (e.g., the new drug in this example). Target Populations and Samples The target population refers to everyone in a group that is studies. For example, if one wants to know how people will vote in an election, the target population is everyone who is eligible to vote. How can a researcher study a population as large as that of the
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Unformatted text preview: United States? The answer is that one cannot study entire populations. Large populations are simply too big. The researcher, therefore, needs to look at a small subset of the population. We call this subset a sample . The trick is to make sure that your sample closely parallels the characteristics of the larger population. Random Sample Henslin (1999:126) contends that a random sample is one in which everyone in a population has the same chance of being included in a study . A random sample is necessary if one is going to attempt to generalize the findings in a study to the larger population. Variables A hypothesis poses a relationship between two or more aspects of social relationships. These aspects are called variables. A variable is a measurable trait or characteristic that is subject to change under different conditions . Income, gender,...
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