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Stratification: A Conflict View Conflict theory argues that the basis of social stratification is found in conflict over some kind of scare resources. Conflict theory contends that stratification is not necessary, but is maintained to safeguard the ruling class's privileges. Those who find social class beneficial are those who have "made it" in the system. Rather than stratification being a fluid system of upward and downward mobility based on ability, the class system is actually characterized by institutional inequalities in income and wealth. Only on rare occasions do Americans break through the class barrier. Usually break through occurs as a result
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Unformatted text preview: of a lucky "roll of the dice." Few people actually succeed at social advancement through sheer hard work. Marriage and Upward Mobility Marriage is the quickest route out of poverty. Marriage out of poverty is no more than a lucky roll of the dice. Generally, birth determines one's position in society. Rich fathers have rich children while poor fathers have poor children. Changes in class position require a complex mixture of luck, inheritance, and effort, and probably in that order of importance (see Harrington, 1984). Example: Lotteries...
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