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Symbolic Interaction

Symbolic Interaction - • Americans may stereotype Asians...

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Symbolic Interaction--Critique • Want to know about the origins of symbols, the way the meaning persists, and the situations where people question them – First hand and extensive knowledge of the social world – Can influence those being observed – Ignores “social facts”—things outside the individual • Can not predict any changes or how meanings actually change • Can not account for the social structures and processes larger than the individual Symbolic Interaction--Maquiladoras Program • Look at how people on different sides of the border have different meanings • Friday the 13th is unlucky in the US while Wednesday the 13th is unlucky in Mexico
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Unformatted text preview: • Americans may stereotype Asians as hard working and Mexicans as unambitious and lazy who are taking siestas under a sombrero Symbolic Interaction--Maquiladoras Program • Focus on the interactions among the employees of same and different rank • American expatriates rarely have experiences with other cultures and seem ignorant of basic Spanish phrases • Culture clashes are quite common Research Methods Step 1-Defining the Topic • Means the researcher picks a topic • Explains why the topic is significant • Clarifies the importance of the topic • Explains the motivation of the study • May pick a topic due to personal interest, current issues, or because grant money is available...
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