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Symbolic Interaction - Americans may stereotype Asians as...

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Symbolic Interaction--Critique • Want to know about the origins of symbols, the way the meaning persists, and the situations where people question them – First hand and extensive knowledge of the social world – Can influence those being observed – Ignores “social facts”—things outside the individual • Can not predict any changes or how meanings actually change • Can not account for the social structures and processes larger than the individual Symbolic Interaction--Maquiladoras Program • Look at how people on different sides of the border have different meanings • Friday the 13th is unlucky in the US while Wednesday the 13th is unlucky in Mexico
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Unformatted text preview: Americans may stereotype Asians as hard working and Mexicans as unambitious and lazy who are taking siestas under a sombrero Symbolic Interaction--Maquiladoras Program Focus on the interactions among the employees of same and different rank American expatriates rarely have experiences with other cultures and seem ignorant of basic Spanish phrases Culture clashes are quite common Research Methods Step 1-Defining the Topic Means the researcher picks a topic Explains why the topic is significant Clarifies the importance of the topic Explains the motivation of the study May pick a topic due to personal interest, current issues, or because grant money is available...
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