Symbolic Interactionism and Deviance

Symbolic Interactionism and Deviance - Ex. Teen pregnancy...

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Symbolic Interactionism and Deviance Differential Association Theory – Deviance is learned through association with primary groups. The more that individuals are exposed to people who break the law, the more likely they are to become criminals. People who know many deviant individuals are more likely to become deviant. If significant others are deviant the individual is more likely to become deviant. The younger children learn deviant behavior the more likely they will become deviant. Labeling Theory -- Sometimes two people committing the same act will not both be labeled deviant. Deviant behavior is defined by society.
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Unformatted text preview: Ex. Teen pregnancy the girl is deviant the boy is not. Joyride vs. car theft based on class of teens Primary deviance a person engages only is isolated acts of deviance. Deviance is not a part of their lifestyle. Secondary deviance Deviance is a lifestyle and a personal identity. A person whose life is organized around deviance. Consequences labeling causes pain and suffering; it can determine the direction of their lives. Stigma an undesirable characteristic or label used by others to deny a deviant full social acceptance. Ex. Unemployed, sped, retard, gay....
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