The Arithmetic of Inequalit1

The Arithmetic of Inequalit1 - have at least four years...

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The Arithmetic of Inequality Jimmy is a second grader. He pays attention in school, and he enjoys it. School records show that he is reading slightly above grade level and has a slightly better than average IQ. Bobby is a second grader across town. He also pays attention in class and enjoys school, and his test scores are similar to Jimmy's. Bobby is a safe bet to enter college (more than four times as likely as Jimmy) and a good bet to complete it -- at least twelve times as likely as Jimmy. Bobby will probably
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Unformatted text preview: have at least four years more schooling than Jimmy. He is twenty seven times as likely as Jimmy to land a job which by his late forties will pay him an income in the top tenth of all incomes. Jimmy has about one chance in eight of earning a median income (Bassis, 1991:216). Example: India's Caste System Brahman Teachers and religious people Kshatriya Warriors Viashia Merchants and craftsman Shudra Laborers and farmers Untouchabl e These people work with the dead, both animal and human. They are undertakers,...
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