The Dominant Culture and Major U

The Dominant Culture and Major U - The Dominant Culture and...

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The Dominant Culture and Major U.S. Institutions • Most analysts of the U.S. racial and ethnic scene have assumed that the dominant culture and major institutions are substantially English or Anglo-Protestant. During the first century of colonial settlement along the east coast, an English heritage integrated most of the colonies. Political, legal, and economic institutions were generally based on English models. However, the major U.S. institutions were not identical to those in England; traditional English ways were often modified under new colonial conditions. • The United States has no official language, but the continuing dominance of the English language signals the huge social impact of early English settlers and their descendants. When Europeans first came, perhaps a thousand Native American languages were spoken; several hundred of these are still spoken. Today, however, the number of Americans speaking these original languages is far smaller than those speaking the languages of the European conquerors. • The principal U.S. language over the past two centuries has not been a thorough blend of
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