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The Rosenhan Stud1

The Rosenhan Stud1 - The Rosenhan Study The Rosenhan study...

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The Rosenhan Study The Rosenhan study highlights the power of roles also. Expectations associated with roles and statuses are also highlighted. The Rosenhan study shows that when an individual is "labeled" or defined are occupying a certain role by society. Altering the perceptions of others is very difficult. Master Status Master Status is a label that supersedes all other labels (Henslin, 1999:96). Rosenhan notes that often there is only a loose association between the person labeled mentally ill and the actual act. Often the label or status that we impose upon others becomes the primary tool for knowing how to respond to other individual . To put it in other words, if we see a person in a given role, certain expectations accompany that role. It becomes very difficult for ordinary people to "know an individual" outside those perceptions and expectations. To demonstrate this point, Rosenhan asked: "what would happen if sane people sought admission to a psychiatric hospital?" To explore this question, several of his graduate
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