The Secondary Sector

The Secondary Sector - The Secondary Sector The secondary...

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The Secondary Sector The secondary market is composed of marginal firms where product demand is unstable. Poor working conditions characterize the work place. Secondary sector employment provides low wages, few opportunities for advancement, and little job security. Secondary sector employment requires little education or skills. People get locked into these positions because they do not have skills. Many account for the low levels of benefits and security found in the secondary market by blaming the person occupying such positions. Many accuse secondary sector workers of having poor work histories. Often, however, the poor work history is a result of unemployment related to the production of marginal products. Workers in the secondary market are subject to harsh working conditions and oppressive discipline from management. Both conditions are related to the fact that there are no unions. Minorities (ethnic, racial, and gender) tend to work in the secondary sector. This, in
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