The Split - professional jobs becoming routinized Much of the employee's autonomy is taken out of these"professional" jobs Structural

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The Split-labor market Worker's finds themselves employed in one of two great segments in the capitalist economy. These segments have different characteristics, fulfill different roles in the economy, and provide different rewards for the laborer (Eitzen and Baca-Zinn, 1994:441-443). The Primary Sector The primary sector is composed of large, bureaucratic organizations with relatively stable production and sales. Jobs within this sector require advanced skills, provide relatively high levels of wage compensation, include good working conditions, and are characterized by stable employment. Upper Tier Women are moving into professional areas, but their proportion in professional areas is still quite low. There has also developed a split in the professional circles that see some
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Unformatted text preview: professional jobs becoming routinized. Much of the employee's autonomy is taken out of these "professional" jobs. Structural change occurs within the world system also which has impact on women. Within the primary sector are two sub tiers. Characteristics of the jobs in the upper-tier are highly educated employees who work at jobs that require creativity and initiative. Upward mobility is likely . Lower Tier In the lower-tier one finds white-collar clerical or blue-collar skilled and semiskilled people. Limited mobility characterizes employment in the lower-tier, but jobs are relatively secure and have union advocacy....
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