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The Survey (Interviews) 1. Description The researcher asks questions of the cases face to face or in a questionnaire. 2. Advantages The advantages are that data collection is more systematic (you ask the same questions of every case). Because it is systematic and generally more condensed, the researcher can investigate more cases . Survey research can, in fact, be applied to several thousand (or million) cases. The U.S. Census begins as a survey of the population. Findings may be generalizable to larger populations. 3. Disadvantages When relying on a survey questionnaire, much information is lost. Facial expressions are not recorded. Environmental considerations are missed. Furthermore, information can be lost because the interviewer failed to ask the right question. Experiment 1. Description Kendall (1998:26) describes an experiment as a "carefully designed situation (often taking place in a laboratory) in which the researcher studies the impact of certain factors
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Unformatted text preview: on subjects' attitudes or behaviors. " 2. Advantages • The experiment offers a high degree of exactness because one can control everything in a laboratory setting. • Variables can be precisely studied. Natural science uses this approach most often. So does psychology. • It is easier to determine cause and effect relationships. 3. Disadvantages • One disadvantage with the experiment in studying social phenomena is that the environment is contrived. People do not normally carry out their lives in a laboratory setting . • Ethical issues may also arise when performing experiments on people. The Nazi death-camp experiments represent extreme instances of ethical violation. Even in ordinary university type experiments deception and misinformation are often employed. Many consider these ethical violations....
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