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Theoretical perspective – a set of assumptions about an area of study, which are assumed to be true by its supporters. Conflicting theories may exist within a science. Sociology has three theoretical perspectives: Functionalism, Conflict theory and symbolic interactionism. 1. Functionalism – society is a whole made up of integrated parts, each part affects the others. A major change in the economy can change the family dynamic. After a major upheaval societies return to a state of stability (1960’s – 1980’s). Functionalism is similar to evolution – changes lead to advances in society.
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Unformatted text preview: Manifest Functions intended changes Latent Functions unintended consequences of a social change (Freakonomics argument about abortion and crime). Dysfunction elements of society that have negative consequences. 2. Conflict Perspective opposite of functionalism. Groups compete to preserve and promote their own special values and interests. Those with power get the most of whatever is considered valuable by that society. (Tipping point can occur as a new group obtains power)....
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