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There are two main ways to conduct survey research

There are two main ways to conduct survey research - •...

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There are two main ways to conduct survey research: 1) Questionnaires – respondents answer questions on their own (e.g., mail surveys) 2) Interviews – respondents are directly questioned by researchers (e.g., telephone surveys, face-to-face/in-person interviews) Field Research/Participant Observation - In participant observation the researcher participates in a research setting while observing what is happening in that setting • Field researchers must balance the demands of being a participant, one who is involved in the setting, with the demands of being an observer, one who adopts a more detached position in order to assess a setting or situation more objectively
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Unformatted text preview: • The researcher may choose whether or not to disclose his or her identity and motives to the subjects • Although field research is generally inexpensive, it requires a sizable commitment of time Content Analysis and Secondary Analysis • Content analysis involves the examination of written sources that provide data (e.g., books, newspapers, magazines) as well as photographs, movies, television programs, and other archival material • Secondary analysis involves the analysis of data already collected by other researchers- Although secondary analysis is quick and easy, the researcher may be unaware of possible bias or errors in the study...
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