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Tradition - remember that common sense is not truth in any...

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Tradition Neuman (1994:3) contends that tradition is a special case of authority, the authority of the past . "It has always been done that way." One problem with relying on tradition as a source of information is that conditions change . People can cling to past traditions without understanding why something was true in the past (e.g., A shot of whiskey cures a cold). Tradition can also be based on simple prejudices that people pass down from one generation to the next. Even if traditional knowledge was once true, it can become distorted over time. (E.g., The best way to plow a field is with a mule-drawn plow, or one should always plant by the full moon.) Common Sense Common sense is the knowledge people gain about the world through their everyday experience . It works sometimes. In fact, sociology might require that one use a little common sense when engaging in research projects. On the other hand, one still has to
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Unformatted text preview: remember that common sense is not truth in any objective sense. It is only a shared social idea that people find comfortable and safe. Example: Simple Dichotomies The seemingly persistent tendency for human beings to think in terms of simple dichotomies to understand society perplexed Fernando Henrique Cardoso. To emphasize the simplicity of such thinking he used the metaphor of two space travelers encountering earth for the first time. The space travelers express shock at the simplicity of the earthlings. They might say, "the brain of these beings appears to limit their images and thoughts to binary opposites" (Cardoso, 1977). Example: Who is Rich, Who is Poor? Asian-Americans have the highest per capita median income in the United States while Native-Americas have to lowest. This contradicts the usually accepted notion that Blacks and Whites define the top and bottom of American society....
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