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Types of Crime Four categories of crime are discussed below. They are violent crime, crimes against property, victimless crimes, and white-collar crime. Crimes of Violence Americans fear crimes of violence the most . During the 1970s the rate of violent crime rose dramatically. The increase in crime subsided during the early 1980s, but it began to rise again during the later part of the 1980s. The rate of violent crime is, once again, falling in the latter part of the 1990s. Many people fear murder at the hands of a complete stranger , but the data demonstrate that 57 percent of murder victims knew their killers. Only 20 percent of murders fall under the category of street crime. The United States is the most violent society of all industrialized nations . The U.S. has the highest murder rate in the world. A single American city like Chicago or Detroit has
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Unformatted text preview: murder rates higher than the entire country of England. Hand Guns are the weapons used in 44 percent of the 20,000 murders that occurred in the US. The murder rate for handgun homicide in 1980 in the United States was 77 times greater than it is in England or Japan (Robertson, 1989:124). The primary cause of deaths by hand guns is the wide spread access to hand guns. Ordinary citizens often claim that they need a gun to protect themselves. Unfortunately, many handgun related murders occur because of the presence of the guns. Only 2 percent of all hand gun slaying occur because one person was trying to protect themselves. The remainder of handgun related deaths was homicides, suicides, or accidental deaths. In most of these cases the victims were family members, friends, or acquaintances....
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