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Types of White - • pollution • price fixing • tobacco...

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Types of White-Collar Crime Appelbaum and Chambliss (1997:117) call attention to two types of white-collar crime. A. Occupational Crime Occupational crime occurs when crimes are committed to promote personal interests . Crimes that fall into this category include altering books by accountants and overcharging or cheating clients by lawyers. B. Organizational or Corporate Crime A much more costly type of white collar crime occurs when corporate executives commit criminal acts to benefit their company . There are a variety of corporate crimes that include the creation of inferior products,
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Unformatted text preview: • pollution, • price fixing. • tobacco companies that add nicotine to cigarettes • when companies advertise food as "lite" when it has as many calories as regular food. The Cost Of White-Collar Crime The dollar loss attributed to white-collar crimes, according to Sutherland, is probably greater than the dollar loss from all other types of crimes. For example, the American business community lost $50 billion in 1980 to white-collar crime. This was nearly 10 times more than the monetary value of all forms of street crimes (from Eitzen, 1986:426)....
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