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Upper Class - B Upper Middle-Class(10 Percent The Upper...

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Upper Class (1 percent of total population) The upper-class consists of relatively few individuals and families (a small executive club) with great wealth and great power in the economy. Generally the upper-class inherits their wealth. It comes in the form of property and other assets. While this group does not have to work, they often serve on the boards of directors of major corporations. From this vantage point, the upper-class occupies a position from which they can have great impact on the course of world history. The upper-class has a certain life style in which individuals are careful to socialize only with the "right crowd."
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Unformatted text preview: B. Upper Middle-Class (10 Percent) The Upper middle-class consists of "successful business people, executives, professionals, and high ranking civil and military officials. Ownership of business as well as prestigious occupations bring wealth to these individuals. Most have high levels of education. The wealth of this class comes from investment and savings. Unlike in the upper class, they inherit little of their wealth. This group is very active politically and culturally....
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