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What is Culture? Culture is the totality of learned, socially transmitted behavior. Culture is all the values, norms, and customs that people share with one another. Culture includes language and beliefs Culture is all of the material objects such as monuments, three-piece suites, the lottery, fur coats, and fine automobiles. Culture is ideas (like the belief in democracy and freedom) found within a society. Culture is what individuals think is right and important as they interact (Schaefer, 1992:67). Culture is a way of life. When people talk about "the way of life" of people with a distinctive life style, whether they live in Appalachia or Norway, they are talking about culture. It defines what is
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Unformatted text preview: important and unimportant. Culture refers to everything that people create. Values, norms, goals, and culture in general, develop as people interact with one another over time. Culture accounts, in part, for the unprecedented success of the human species. It allows us to adapt to extreme environments. We could not survive without our culture. In a sense, we create our culture, but our culture, in turn, recreates us (See Robertson, 1989:38-42). Culture provides the context (back ground) that we use to interact with each other. It defines boundaries that we use to distinguish us from them...
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