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What is State Autonomy - these classes however has impact...

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What is State Autonomy? State autonomy refers to the ability of the state to formulate policy goals independent of other actors such as social classes or from other groups . State autonomy might also address situations where the state is able to act "in the face of recalcitrant socioeconomic circumstances" (1985:9). In this vein, the strength of the state may be visualized in terms of its ability to pursue independent interests . Actions may be required in the international community that the domestic population is unconcerned with or even resistant to. Military officials or civil service bureaucrats may, however, recognize the need to act on transnational considerations. The Power of Bureaucracy Trimberger (in Skocpol, 1985:10) describes an autonomous state as one in which bureaucratic officials are not recruited from the dominant classes and who have no ties to the dominant class (agricultural, industrial, or commercial). The state's relationship to
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Unformatted text preview: these classes, however, has impact upon the direction that a state's autonomy may lead. State actions ( . . . ) are not all acts of coercion or domination; they are, instead, the intellectual activities of civil administrators engaged in diagnosing societal problems and framing policy alternatives to deal with them. ... The process is political, not because all policy is a by-product of power and conflict but because some men and women have undertaken to act in the name of others (in Skocpol, 1985:11). Its Heclo's position that in Sweden and Great Britain people who work within the state bureaucratic apparatus has more impact on policy decisions than do people from the political parties or other outside interests. (See Notes on Skocpol page 5 and 6 about how the U.S. has little state autonomy.) Class Question: Does the U.S. have an autonomous state government? In terms of domestic policy? In terms of international policy?...
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