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3-1_sedenv - Papers 1 and 2 on front and on table Google...

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Unformatted text preview: Papers 1 and 2 on front and on table Google Earth assignment Google Earth due next Monday, Mar. 8, next 11:59 pm Exam 2 Wed., Mar 10 What are Sedimentary What Rocks? What are Sediments? What Weathering Weathering Erosion Erosion Lithification Lithification Sedimentary Rock Classes Sedimentary Reef limestone Fossiliferous Limestone Fossiliferous Little things can make big deposits Sedimentary Rocks Organic Sedimentary Rocks Evaporite H20 Evaporates Coffee and other material that was in solution is left behind and precipitates a solid Lake Drying Up Sedimentary Environments Sedimentary • Sedimentary rocks record the environment where they are formed Fine stuff (dust, silt) will be carried away by current!!! Clastic Sed. Rx: Grain size Clastic Note relationship of distance and velocity! Coarse = fast/high energy Fine= slow/low energy Pebbles Grain Size Grain Sand Silt Boulders to Pebbles Boulders Sand Sand Silt Silt Clay Clay Clay/Mud Shale Sorting Sorting Well-sorted Poorly-sorted Sphericity and Roundness and Photos from Skinner et al, 2004 5th edition clast matrix Mineralogy= intensity of weathering Remember Bowen’s Reaction Series? Sedimentary indicators Sedimentary Fossil preservation Fossil Low Energy High Energy Several stages in life-cycle of sedimentary rocks ...
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