The Quiet American-The Lover

The Quiet American-The Lover - Stebbins 1 Margaret Stebbins...

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Stebbins 1 Margaret Stebbins September 21, 11 Humanities 160 Fact or Fiction? The forces of colonialism have touched every corner of the earth. Although the severity, ruler, style or time period may have differed, each nation has, in one way or another, been affected by the power of colonialism. One country that particularly embodies colonialism is Vietnam. Beginning in the late 19 th century, French forces established a colony known as Indochina. Indochina included present-day Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam and was kept under French rule until 1954, when it won independence. The Vietnamese struggle for freedom continued with the Americans, however, until 1975 when the North Vietnamese unified the country after what became known as the Vietnam War. Many authors have taken inspiration from the conflicts in Vietnam and addressed the issues of colonialism in both fiction and nonfiction work. Two books, The Lover, by Marguerite Duras, and The Quiet American , by Graham Greene, particularly reflect their time periods and demonstrate life in Vietnam. The Lover is an account of Duras’s life growing up in Vietnam in the 1930s when it was still the French colony Indochina. Because the book is a memoir and an autobiographical work, it is nonfiction. The Quiet American is a novel set during the early 1950s about a British journalist, named Thomas Fowler, and his life in Vietnam. It is a fictitious story that addresses the political forces acting in Vietnam during the time period through Fowler, his American friend, Alden Pyle, and his mistress, Phuong.
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2 Oxford English Dictionary defines nonfiction as “prose writing other than fiction, such as history, biography, and reference works, esp. that which is concerned with the narrative depiction of factual events” (OED Online). Based on this definition, biographies and memoirs are considered nonfiction works because they depict actual events. Although The Lover is not directly classified as a memoir, many believe the book reflects Duras’s life directly and tells the story of her first sexual encounter and experiences while living in Indochina. Duras was born in Gia-Dinh, later known as Saigon, after her parents moved to Indochina in response to a campaign by the French government. Her father got
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The Quiet American-The Lover - Stebbins 1 Margaret Stebbins...

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