Mitochondria - Move the cell Intermediate Filaments...

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Mitochondria Mitochondria have an external membrane and an inner membrane with numerous folds called cristae . The cristae that project into the gel-like matrix. Enzymes involved in cellular respiration are found in the matrix and embedded in the membrane of the cristae. Cytoskeleton The cytoskeleton is a network of protein elements that extend through the cytoplasm in eukaryotic cells. It provides for the distinctive shape of cells such as red blood cells , muscle cells , and nerve cells (neurons). It produces movement of cells and is associated with movement of materials within cells. It is composed of three types of protein fibers: microtubules , actin filaments , and intermediate filaments . The general function of each of these is listed in the table below. Cytoskeleton Element General Function Microtubules Move materials within the cell Move the cilia and flagella Actin Filaments
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Unformatted text preview: Move the cell Intermediate Filaments Provides mechanical support Microtubules Microtubules are small cylindrical fibers that change in length by assembling (polymerizing) and disassembling (depolymerizing). They are made of a protein called tubulin. Tubulin dimers are arranged to form a long hollow cylinder. The fibers are lengthened and shortened as tubulin dimers assemble or disassemble from one or both ends of the filament. The assembly of microtubules in many cells is controlled by an area near the nucleus called the centrosome or microtubule organizing area. . Microtubules act as tracts along which organelles can move. For example, they are associated with movement of vesicles from the Golgi complex to the plasma membrane . Microtubules are responsible for the movement of cilia and flagella. They move the chromosomes during cell division....
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Mitochondria - Move the cell Intermediate Filaments...

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