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Mutation Mutations are changes in the DNA. Frameshift A frameshift mutation is usually severe, producing a completely nonfunctional protein. The priniciple of a frameshift can be explained using the sentence below. If the letters are read three at a time and one is deleted, the second sentence becomes meaningless. Original DNA: Frameshift mutation: THE BIG RED ANT ATE ONE FAT BUG THB IGR EDA NTA TEO NEF ATB UG? Point Mutation Point mutations involve a single nucleotide, thus a single amino acid. In the sentence below, eliminating one letter does not change in the remaining three-letter words
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Unformatted text preview: and therefore may not cause a significant change in the meaning of the sentence. Original DNA: Point mutation: THE BIG RED ANT ATE ONE FAT BUG THA BIG RED ANT ATE ONE FAT BUG Silent, Missense, and Nonsense Mutations Three kinds of point mutations can occur. A mutation that results in an amino acid substitution is called a missense mutation. A mutation that results in a stop codon so that incomplete proteins are produced, it is called a nonsense mutation. A mutation that produces a functioning protein is called a silent mutation....
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