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Efficiency of C4 Photosynthesis

Efficiency of C4 Photosynthesis - open to allow CO 2 to...

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Efficiency of C 4 Photosynthesis This mechanism requires extra ATP but under hot, dry conditions C 4 plants are two to three times more efficient than C 3 plants. In moderate weather, C 3 plants are at an advantage. CAM CAM (crassulacean-acid metabolism) photosynthesis is found in most desert plants, particularly the succulents (plants that store water in thick, fleshy leaves). CAM plants keep their stomata closed during the day to conserve water. At night, the stomata
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Unformatted text preview: open to allow CO 2 to enter. CO 2 is incorporated into organic acids which are then stored within the mesophyll cells. During the day, CO 2 is released from the organic acids to supply the Calvin Cycle. CAM plants are 5 to 7 times more efficient than C 4 plants. The diagram below summarizes the path of CO 2 in CAM plants....
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