Mechanism of CO2 Fixation in C4 Plants

Mechanism of CO2 Fixation in C4 Plants - CO 2 thus raising...

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Mechanism of CO 2 Fixation in C 4 Plants CO 2 fixation occurs when CO 2 is bonded to a 3-carbon compound to produce a 4-carbon compound. This enzyme functions well even at extremely low CO 2 concentrations because it is unaffected by oxygen. This CO 2 fixation occurs within the mesophyll cells that surround the bundle sheath cells. The 4-carbon compound then moves into the bundle sheath and releases the
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Unformatted text preview: CO 2 , thus raising the level of CO 2 and preventing photorespiration. The enzyme that fixes CO 2 in the mesophyll cells is PEP carboxylase (pepco). This process is called C 4 photosynthesis because the product of carbon fixation is a 4 carbon compound....
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