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Primary Structure - Primary Structure Primary structure...

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Primary Structure Primary structure refers to the sequence of amino acids found in a protein. The following is the primary structure of one of the polypeptide chains of hemoglobin. val his leu thr pro glu glu lys ser ala val thr ala leu tyr gly lys val asn val asp glu val gly gly glu ala leu gly arg leu leu val val tyr pro try thr gln arg phe phe glu ser phe gly asp leu ser thr pro asp ala val met gly asn pro lys val lys ala his gly lys lys val leu gly ala phe ser asp gly leu ala his leu asp asp leu lys gly thr phe ala thr leu ser gln leu his cys asp lys leu his val asp pro glu asn phe arg leu leu gly asn val leu val cys val leu ala his his phe gly lys glu phe thr pro pro val gln ala ala tyr gln lys val val ala gly val ala asp ala leu ala his lys tyr his Secondary structure The oxygen or nitrogen atoms of the peptide bond are capable of hydrogen- bonding with hydrogen atoms elsewhere on the molecule. This bonding produces two common kinds of shapes seen in protein molecules, coils (helices) and pleated sheets. The helices and pleated sheets are
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