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CityScope: New Orleans 4.001J/11.004J Assignment 1 Draft an essay, five pages type written double spaced, addressing one of the key controversies concerning Katrina discussed in class. Lay out the two sides of the argument, describe how each side connects to one or more of the broader arguments about how democracy should work discussed in the Nuts and Bolts of Democracy handout, then argue a position on one side or another of the controversy. Your essay should state where you agree/differ with other positions in the controversy, it should discuss where your position fits within larger discussions about building democracy, it should draw on evidence from either the history or recent events in New Orleans - and it should be clearly written. In your response to these readings think clearly about what you believe and how best to structure your response. Can you analyze the evidence supporting the claim or claims in the readings? Can you refute, elaborate upon, or modify the argument or arguments that you chose to respond to?
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