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CityScope: New Orleans 4.001J/11.004J Assignment 2: Part 1 Maps Due March 15 Description This first part of Assignment 2 asks that you collect maps of all kinds of New Orleans and the surrounding region. These maps will both inform you about the physical context of the city and also form the basis for proposing physical solutions for some of the problems we have been, and will be discussing. In addition, this assignment will initiate our use of the studio space reserved for this class in Studio 7 of the Department of Architecture. You will be asked to place your maps in this space. We will visit the space next class. In searching for and sorting through maps please try to answer the following questions: 1. What is the extent of the city? 2. What is found beyond this extent? 3. What are the major physical landmarks in the city? 4. Where are the canals? 5. What are the names and extent of the various areas within the city?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What are the names and locations of neighborhoods? 7. What is the extent of the levee system? 8. Where are the pumping stations in the city? 9. Where is the port? 10. Where are the universities? 11. Where are the public housing projects? 12. Where is the superdome? 13. What was the extent of flooding? 14. Where did levees breach? 15. and others. Product Please print out and save digital files of all maps that you find. You will be given wall space in Studio 7 on which to place your maps. Work with each other to organize your maps such that the class produces a broad variety of useful documents. That is, try to eliminate redundancies and expand on the work of others. You can start placing maps on your wall space beginning next class. CityScope 4.001J/11.004J Departments of Architecture, Urban Studies and Planning MIT Abbanat/Thompson/Fern√°ndez Spring 2007...
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