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First Principles and Design Requirements: Page 1 of 1 First Principles and Design Requirements: Collaborative Filtering & Open Source Code for Electronic Self- Governance There are two basic principles guiding the design of this Participatory Governance Environment: 1. that collaborative filtering can be used to leap frog the barriers to very large yet effective groups of individuals actively participating in the governance process; and 2. that Open Source Code can be used to assure ownership and control remains in the hands of those who consent to use and be governed through it. Our Design Principles Page details the reasoning and approach associated with these duel imperatives. Collaborative Filtering: Theoretically, the use of collaborative filtering technologies can unleash the genius of the community acting through all its members by availing them of simple means to express their reactions and preferences in a “machinable” manner. By “machinable”, what is meant is that the data is in a digital form and is structured in according to predictable standards. In this way, the
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