fenway - Assignment 5 Rain Will Fall Anastasia Rodriguez...

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Assignment 5 Rain Will Fall the raindrop and. .. the roads A raindrop falls from the sky, the first of a winter flurry. Its target is yet unclear. Falling, it slowly zooms in on the ground below, and features of the surface become less and less muddled. The raindrop sees its target now. It is an “x” straight ahead marked in black and murky blues and greens. As it gets closer, though, the raindrop realizes that there are two layers to this “x”. As it perceives the difference in depth, the raindrop can finally judge that the “x” is made of a shorter line, connecting a park to a river, and a longer line, extending out far from the city. By now the raindrop is too close to see the end of these lines, and it focuses on the journey ahead, making final preparations for its landing. The raindrop follows its natural instincts and aims for the lower depth of the “x”. This lower layer has two distinct textures. One half is smooth, dark, and seemingly impenetrable. It is the Mass Pike. The other half is seemingly perforated, with many smaller pieces spanning two long elements. This is a major railroad track. One glimpse of the water through the cracks of the track tells the raindrop that this is where his destiny lies. The body of water, the Anastasia Rodriguez
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biggest magnet for any raindrop, awaits the falling speck under the tracks with patience, knowing that somehow, if not immediately, the raindrop would find its way there. A gust of wind alters these plans and blows the raindrop onto the upper layer of the “x”, a bridge over the Mass Pike. Feeling stranded on a surface high above the water, the raindrop examines the periphery. All that are visible are the skies above, fast cars zooming by, guarding walls, the curbside, and the flat, dark surface of the road. The river is the raindrop’s ultimate destination despite any intermediate obstacles presented by forces of nature or implementations of man and it knows this. The raindrop landed in the Back Bay of Boston on a bridge that connects Boylston Street in the Back Bay Fens to Storrow Drive, a major road along the Charles Road. The bridge stems off of Boylston Street near the Fens to cross Ipswich Street, the railroad tracks, which stretch from South Station to the countryside, the Mass Pike, Commonwealth Avenue, and Beacon Street. Aside from these roads, the bridge crosses a very important tributary to the Charles River, the Muddy River. This river is one of the few clues as to what this land was like before it was developed into the residential area and transportation corridor it exists as today. Less than two centuries ago, no rigid
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fenway - Assignment 5 Rain Will Fall Anastasia Rodriguez...

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