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MIT11_304js09_assn04 - Department of Urban Studies and...

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Department of Urban Studies and Planning Department of Architecture 11.304J / 4.255J Site and Urban Systems Planning Studio Spring 2009 Technology Driven Schematic Site Plan Investigations Purpose: To test conceptual ideas and specific programmatic requirements by developing site plans. A schematic site plan drawing provides a view on how structures (such as buildings), streets, (circulation systems) parking areas, infrastructure, and other facilities would appear on a site. At a minimum, it includes contours and elevations, lot lines, streets, building and structure footprints, other impervious surfaces, and major landscape or open space features. Process: Work to be done in pairs based on your alternative technology investigation (see below). Your concept(s) should be based on the various approaches and requirements being revealed in your ‘expert’ investigations. (as well as on previous work – transect, future scenarios, concepts developed in Japan, etc) Your only programmatic requirement is to house about 350 people in single or multi –family houses (i.e
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