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Department of Urban Studies and Planning Department of Architecture 11.304J / 4.255J Japan Site and Infrastructure Systems Studio Spring 2009 Project Final Goals and Deliverables Framework Preliminary framework to be discussed and elaborated on Tuesday March 31 st 2009 Goal: - The creation of a manual/tool for neighborhood and infrastructure design 2030 - that is derived from (Tama) New Towns’ typologies - Objectives: - Rather than providing a single plan, the purpose of the manual is to create a flexible set of codes/typologies that account for site variability. Just as we used transects to identify typical site conditions across Tama, this manual should allow users to determine intervention points through condition resolution. - The proposals in the manual should not be conventional; instead, they should test the boundaries of infrastructure and site design - This manual will illustrate how stated objectives (example: the use of ecology and natural systems for sewage treatment) can be translated into design interventions in a variety of conditions, and multiple scales. - The manual will use a common format and graphics to systematically communicate process, possible design principles and design solutions in both the micro (site) and macro (neighborhood) scales. - In addition to outlining techniques and intervention points, the manual would include a few permutations of how these techniques could be synthesized and employed at the neighborhood scale. Management: - Final Product: publishable book as well as sets of display drawings. The class should discuss and organize the various tasks and assign responsibilities for
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MIT11_304js09_assn05 - Department of Urban Studies and...

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