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Class Notes 1. - Karma – six levels – terrible, bad, neutral, positive, good, excellent 2. Self-Organizing 3. Fiction (Jeremy) – similar point system 4. Pathfinder (Stylianos) 5. Shock Experiment – Anonymity 6. Slackdot – takes time to penetrate – no ‘design’ (‘blurb’ upon ‘blurb’) 7. Legibility should be more important 8. Hard to read – squint eyes 9. Only get ‘tip of the iceberg’ 10. Graphic way of searching for info – (starry night) 11. The Brain EKP – Enterprise Knowledge Platform 12. Spider Map – Irish PM interface – drag and drop 13. How things get ‘about the iceberg’ – organized on screen – very different 14. Slashdot – every user is not equal – ‘superusers’ have more input – antidemocratic
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Unformatted text preview: 15. Mediation 3 rd party neutral resolution among themselves. 16. Arbitration 3 rd party neutral arbitrator rules based on evidence. 17. EBay- used same technology to resolve dispute 18. High reputation, good feedback typically did nothing wrong past performance 19. Filters like minded people (ie ACLU) or only hi-karma people 20. Maybe have user-defined (voted for things you also want) 21. To what extent are user comments and actions transparent? 22. Is real identity necessary? Next Week: How to preserve minority rights mediation therapeutic circles! Debate Notes: #2 What do you mean by project based experience? Really there is 2 proposals eliminate GRE, use project-based evaluation Other criteria still valid....
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