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4.500 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Architecture Designing a Cabin Project Description, Site plan & Floor plan September 9, 2008 Assignment #1 PROJECT: You have been asked to submit a proposal for a writer’s cabin to be built on the Concord River ½ mile from the North Bridge (Figure 1). The town of Concord Massachusetts is known for it’s of great writers such as Henry Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne as well as the great poet/philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. Thoreau was famous for building a small writing cabin on Walden Pond (Figure 1), he also write the famous text entitled “Walden”. SITE: The cabin site is on the Concord River, a marshy water logged site. Brush will be cleared to make room for the small writers cabin how ever the design goal is to make the cabin a part of the landscape. Your job is to propose a new cabin to be used by a writer for two weeks maximum. For the final you will compete against others in the class for best proposal and a commission to build your cabin (in theory). Your proposal must come complete with built in furniture for one person to relax and work for two weeks. The total cost of materials (Plywood, studs and concrete based) should be no more than $30,000. No McMansions here. PROGRAM: The cabin must to include small amenities for one person to eat, sleep and relax for two weeks. This project will last the full length of the term and is expected to be beautiful, appearance and presentation style count. For cabin design learn how design the project from other architects work. Read through magazines and books on cabin and small house design. Take notes and use the best concepts
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