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MIT OpenCourseWare 4.500 Introduction to Design Computing Fall 200 8 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: .
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4.500 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology Shape Exploration with Solid Modeling September 16, 2008 Assignment 2 DESIGN As with any client Concord City Hall expects that your design will be unique and well crafted both in shape and detail. Before you can explore building details you will need to explore shapes beyond the box. Frank Lloyd Wright always believed in creating shapes that broke from the box. Today architects such as Norman Foster, Frank Gehry, Nox and Alsop architects believe in breaking the box through the creation of non-Euclidian, non-box like shapes. Some architects such as Frank Gehry and Norman Foster work with constructible shapes in design always knowing that what they design on paper can be built. Some designers create designs they are not so sure of in construction, these architects use the design process to explore shape possibilities learning how to construct later. The first part of your job will be to explore constructible shapes. This means shapes built of flat sides, avoid curves for they are very hard to
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assn2 - MIT OpenCourseWare http:/ 4.500...

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