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Unformatted text preview: MIT OpenCourseWare 4.500 Introduction to Design Computing Fall 200 8 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: . 4.500 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Architecture Assignment 3 September 23, 2008 Design Detail with Solid Modeling Reference & Reading: Review D K, Chings Building Construction Illustrated (Rotch Libary) For this assignment you will consider architectural detail and construction. The model you completed last week was a volume with no elements of construction at a larger scale. Here you job will be to adjust the plan first then the form of the building around the adjustments made to the plan. From the adjustments your cottage should add up to a work of architecture and move beyond that of a shack. Now that you understand the basic shape of your cottage and its physical makeup create a three dimensional representation in full detail. In your last model you created simple shapes representing five dimensional representation in full detail....
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assn3 - MIT OpenCourseWare http/ 4.500...

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