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lect1 (1) - Class Calendar Camera Lens and Body Lens...

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Lect 1 Intro: 9/11 Why? 1) Because it's today, and it's hard to ignore - like the 800 lb gorilla in the room. 2) Photography - Joel Meyerowitz, Keith Meyers. 3) Something to talk about - a more social group, instead of me talking. Shared residence. Advising: Unsettled early on - it's all on you now. Attendance and knowing what's coming. Plan ahead - all exams and quizzes. We'll give up time for review sessions. Don't be macho - get in, get the degree, and everything else is up to you. Pass / No Record shouldn't be an excuse to go nuts. This isn't a competition, as much as it might seem like it. Technical - back up your computer.
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Unformatted text preview: Class: Calendar Camera: Lens and Body Lens Distance - zoom vs. telephoto / wide angle etc. Aperture (F Stop) Shutter Speed White Balance (maybe) Sensor as Digital Film Sensor Size and Pixels Purple fringing, noise, etc. Overview of class cameras The basics of photography - learning your camera through repetition. Light: Why light? One of the three qualities of good photographs. Light as defining spaces Light as shape "Magic hour" - sunrise, sunset, before a storm Light as waiting, slowly, and being ready, quickly. Examples. Assignment 1 - 20 pictures, pick the 5 best...
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lect1 (1) - Class Calendar Camera Lens and Body Lens...

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