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Lecture 9 Artist Tour of Campus: We’ll make a walking tour of some of the works of art and architecture on campus, and each of you will be responsible for giving a brief bio on one artist. The bios should include the relevant dates (birth, death, working period), a brief summary of their style or work, and any interesting tidbits you find about them.
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Unformatted text preview: (Google searches and MIT web searches should prove useful here.) http://web.mit.edu/lvac/www/collections/map.html Tour schedule: (My office) Stella Hofer Hallway under 13 Strobe Alley Killian - Moore / Heizer Great Sail and why (point to Nevelson) Picasso Kendall Aesop's Fables Stata BCS Cenotaphe Kresge Chapel Pool?...
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