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Lecture 6: Image-Making Technologies, Architecture, and Identical Replication. Transcribed by Yanni Loukissas. Review: We have learned from previous lectures that Leon Battista Alberti was on a quest for objectivity in the reproduction of artifacts. Alberti developed a series of improbable technologies to compensate for the unreliable way in which images were reproduced and distributed during the 15 th century in Italy. We have also learned that printed images, the technology which would eventually resolve this problem, was available at the time when Alberti wrote his famous text. However, the idea that printed images could be applied towards serious tasks had not yet been accepted. A society’s failure to fully accept a technology at the time of its invention has been dubbed “postponed invention” by the anthropologist Andre Leroi-Gourhan. Gourhan wrote that significant change often doesn’t come about as the result of technology until that technology has been widely accepted by a wider cultural environment. This lecture addresses the impact of technologies for image reproduction, first printing and later photography, on architectural imitation in the West.
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lecture_6 - Lecture 6 Image-Making Technologies...

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