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lecture2 - II 11 February Manifesto of the Communist...

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II. 11 February Manifesto of the Communist Party (German Edition 1872) What is the bourgeoisie? What is revolutionary about the bourgeoisie? -bourgeoisie is subtended by constant revolutionizing of relations of production…and revolutionizing of whole relations of society What is the effect of this shift on history? Important passages: -476/ “all fixed… all solid melts… “ -institutions break down/ dissolve: 479/ sexual difference, 484/ private property (abolished), 485/ temporality (in bourgeois society, past dominates present--in communist society, present dominates past), 487/ nuclear family (marriage sanctifies prostitution), 488/ countries and nationality What is the genre of manifestos? Important passages: -500/ ‘openly declare…’ ‘forcible overthrow…’ ‘all existing conditions’ (not some) read last graph Berman, All That Is Solid Melts into Air (1980)
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-André Masson, Mannequin with Bird Cage (1938) for the surrealist exhibition of 1938 -Giacometti, The Cage (1930-31) http://www.hayalevi.com/sanat_galerisi/Giacometti/gia-1930-cage.jpg
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