lecture3 - III. 25 February Futurism -Italian movement,...

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III. 25 February Futurism -Italian movement, literary in origin, grew to embrace painting, sculpture, photography and architecture -Key text: Le Futurisme‚ by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti -Intention was to reject the past, to revolutionize culture and make it more modern. -Violent enthusiasm against the weighty inheritance of an art tied to the Italian cultural tradition What did the futurists want? -An aesthetic generated by the modern myth of the machine and of speed. Futurists wanted to bring art into life. What marks difference between futurists and Jünger? -The experience of the war. - - Jünger: actual war diaries --Futurists: pre-war -Jünger’s ‘torrent of language’ takes us away from what Walter Benjamin called ‘communicable experience.’ Ernst Jünger b. 1895 http://www.dhm.de/lemo/html/biografien/JuengerErnst/ http://www.worldwar1.com/tgws/gif/juenger2.gif -Foremost representative of fascist modernism -In Stahlgewittern is a war memoir: recounts war service on western front repeatedly wounded and decorated
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What are the emotions expressed?
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lecture3 - III. 25 February Futurism -Italian movement,...

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