lecture4 - IV. 4 March Key terms: montage Constructivism...

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IV. 4 March Key terms: montage Constructivism diegesis formalism Eisenstein -uses film as tool for social change, not as escapist entertainment -Eisenstein associated with constructivism -Battleship Potemkin project was assigned to Eisenstein by soviet central committee in charge of planning celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the unsuccessful 1905 Russian Revolution What happened in this revolution? It’s part of the film -Mutiny on battleship, class conflict. What do you know about Eisenstein? -Theater director, only 27 -Veteran of red army -His debut was strike -Survived Stalinist terror. .. somehow overcame traumas of times What is constructivism? -Sought to create out of abstraction a political art based on principles of engineering and properties of the material. -Constructivism was abstract art rethought in terms of machine design and turned to agitational or propagandistic ends. What is Stanislavsky’s theory? -To find motivation, to reveal individualist psychological emotions.
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How is Eisenstein different? -Borrows Meyerhold’s idea of biomechanical acting--just do the actions to tell the story/make the point -Eisenstein uses typage over and against academy actors “A 30 yr old actor may be called to play an old man of 60. He may have a few days or a few hours rehearsal. But an old man will have had 60 yrs rehearsal!” -Eisenstein more interested in class than individual How does this interest play out in Battleship? -No hero-- Vakulinchuk dies off early on
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lecture4 - IV. 4 March Key terms: montage Constructivism...

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