lecture8 - convulsive beauty -The object looks back at you....

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VIII. 15 April Georges Bataille (1897-1962) "Metaphysician of evil." Important passages: -32/ abandoning ‘real world’ through sex. .. road to surrealism -38-39*/ egg/eye-- How to relate to blood/Oedipus chapter from Ernst? -29/ this also relates to window of prison -46/ surreal correspondence. .. what is the technique (how does it relate to montage?) -21/ love triangle -6, 13, 16/, 27,
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Unformatted text preview: convulsive beauty -The object looks back at you. ... radicalizing subjectivity Copernican revolution -Misogynist or just critical of sex roles? -Is this revolutionary, or just reentrenching sexual morays? -Epilogue-- is this the truth? Truth is an effect -Blasphemy, sacrilege -17 / police me sanitarium release Is he just looking for purification, transcendence?...
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