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MIT4_607F09_lec09 - 4.607 Thinking About Architecture In...

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4.607 Thinking About Architecture: In History and at Present Instructor: Prof. Mark Jarzombek TA: Ana María León M: 9.30-12:30 LECTURE NOTES: November 9 Philosopher Associated with: John Locke Social Contract, Professional Practice Emmanuel Kant Psychology Georg Friedrich Hegel History Karl Marx Economy and Politics Sigmund Freud Psychoanalysis Friedrich Nietzsche The modernist ego Edmund Husserl Phenomenology Emmanuel Kant in Critique of Judgement (1790) outlines 3 “stages” of Enlightenment. 1. Think for yourself 2. Think as if you were in the shoes of others 3. Repeat 1 and 2 until it becomes habitual He introduced, with point 2, the idea of what we today call empathy, feeling for others. Modern psychology – post 1880s - developed from Kant’s second principle.
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Psychology is an academic and applied discipline which involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors usually in the context of our relationships with others.
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