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MIT4_651F10_lec04 - MIT 4.651-ART SINCE 1940 LECTURE NOTES...

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MIT 4.651 -ART SINCE 1940 LECTURE NOTES Caroline A. Jones, September 20,2010 Week 3 Lecture 4: Abstract Expressfonism: Gesture versus Field key decade: 1940 into 1950s Carried over from last week: III. Codification of the Pollock Myth: Hans Namuth's Jackson Pollock, 195 1 (film) IV. Lenore ("Lee") Krasner (b. NY 1908, d. 1984) A. Krasner's challenge 1. The gender politics of Abstract Expressionism (Pollock to Hohann "I am Nature'') 2. The gender politics of postwar society: the little woman 3. The gender politics of art: the oxymoron of a "female master" B. The influence of Pollock, the influence of Krasner New today: "Abstract Expressionism" (name consolidates around 1954) I. Gesture or "Action'" painting A] Willem de Kooning, b. Netherlands 1904, to US in 20s, d. 1997 B) Franz mine, b. PA 1910 - 1962 C) Robert Mothewell, b. CA 191 5-199 1 13) '"second generation" New York School - the problems o f spontaneity & followers of de Kooning's "signature" style (Jack Tworkov, Joan Mitchell ...) II. "Field" Painting A) Mark Rothka (b. Marcus Rothkowitz in Russia, 1903, to US as child, suicide 1970) B) Barnett Newman @.
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