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MIT4_651F10_lec05 - at 4 a.m 1933 Giacometti Piazza 1947...

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MIT 4.65 1 - ART SINCE 1940 LECTURE NOTES Caroline A. Jones, September 22,201 0 http://stellar.mit.edu/S/cou~~e/4/fal0/4.65 11 Week 3 Lecture 5: Abstract Expressionist Sculpture I. The problem of "direct" sculpture (an echo of Surrealism: can there be automatist sculpture?) A) Alexander Calder (1 898-1976) (making modernism move in the '20s and '30s) B) Isamu Noguchi (1 904 -1 988) (truth to materiaIs in the '30s and '40s) C) Pablo Picasso's direct welded iron and wire sculptures; Giacometti's assemblages (both contemporary w/ Calder) 11. Less well-known practitioners attempt to address the issue A) Theodore Roszak (1907-1 981) B) Seymour Lipton (1903-1986) C) the Louises: Bourgeois @. 19 1 1); Nevelson (1 899-1 988) -was abstract expressionism even an issue, or is this more SurreaIism? III. The perceived solution: David Smith (1906-19651, the yeoman worker, direct welding, and "drawing in space7' SELECTED IMAGES influences: Giacometti The Palace
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Unformatted text preview: at 4 a.m., 1933 Giacometti, Piazza 1947 Picasso, Wire Construction, 1928-29 Noguchi (review): Lynched Fimre,1934 Noguchi (review): Kouros, 1944 Lipton, Lvnched, 193 3 Lipton, Imol-isoned Figure, 1946 Lipton, Arctic Bird, 1960 Calder (review): Josenhine Baker 1926-28 Calder White Frame 1934 Calder (review): Little Swider 1940 Calder The Big Sail (MIT) 1965-66 Roszak, Airport Structure, 1932 Roszak, Bipolar Ascent 1941 Roszak, Cradle Son?, 1956-57 Roszak, Bell tower, MIT 1953 Bourgeois (review): Quarantania 1940s Nevelson (review): First Personnane, 1956 Smith, Interior for Exterior 1939 Smith, Medal for dishonor: 1. Propaganda far War, 1940 Smith, Home of the Wdder, 1945 Smith, Rlackbum. Song of an Irish Blackqmith 1949-50 Smith, Cuhi series 1961-65 MIT OpenCourseWare http://ocw.mit.edu 4.651 Art Since 1940 Fall 2010 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: http://ocw.mit.edu/terms ....
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